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Discount addict :(
April 10, 2012

I have a surprising attachment to my some of my shoes. Surprising because the attachment isn’t for the shoes I expected. I hate referring to my shoes as a collection, so I’ll say instead that I have a large selection of shoe offerings. Among them are of course a few favourites, and a few work horses, my attachment to those obvious. There have been a few cheap-o’s that I’ve bought and departed with easily when they either didn’t work or lost their appeal, and there are a few expensive pairs that I’d have no problem consigning if I felt I was no longer interested in them. The bizarre trouble spot is with the expensive designer shoes that I bought at an amazing price. I sorted through my shoes the other day and identified 5 pairs that either don’t fit the way I want or just don’t work for my style. The shoes are gorgeous and I liked them enough to buy them, thinking that ‘at that price it’s worth a try’ but now that they aren’t working out I can’t stand the idea of getting rid of them. With the price I picked them up for, I’ll actually make money if I consign them, but I don’t want to! I’ll never wear these shoes; they’re taking up precious real estate in my shoe storage, but I don’t want to part with them.

It’s the deal. I snagged them at such great prices that I can’t stand the idea of sending them on their way. I keep trying to figure out a way to make them work. They’re gorgeous shoes, so what if they don’t quite work with my wardrobe? They don’t fit? Add heel pads! Errrrrgh!!!

There’s probably a technical psychology word to describe this, but I’m determined to get over it before it gets to the point where I’m being diagnosed.

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