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Shoe pledge!
April 12, 2012

I have, ahem, a LOT of shoes. A harem, really. Too many for one person to enjoy; a collection of beautiful things that are all mostly neglected and hidden from the world.

I thinned out the raggedy ones, and the pairs that I know I’m never going to wear (still haven’t consigned the last 5 designer stragglers), and I am still left with A LOT of shoes. And most of them never get worn. I haven’t performed an updated count post shed, but I’m pretty sure I could wear a different pair every day for at least 3 months without repeating. But instead I tend to reach for one of about 10 pairs. Well no more!

I’m taking a stand – or a sit down – whatever the situation demands – on behalf of neglected shoes! The members of my shoe harem will be equally attended to! They will all fulfill their purpose! I will wear a different pair every time I get dressed and not repeat until everyone has had some lovin’!

It seems I have found yet another way to procrastinate.


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