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Long necklace thoughts
January 28, 2012

I’ve been wearing my necklaces kind of wonky for the last little while. I have a couple extra long silver chains that I’ve been looping around my arms or wearing crossbody – like a purse without the purse. I’ve also been wanting to experiment with some sort of harness thing, so I’m thinking of easing in via the necklace route.

Put the long necklace (or a normal necklace) around my waist, twist it (or loop a second necklace through) and put the other half over my head. Then for something more dramatic, add a second one of a slightly different length.


Long necklace around the waist, twist, and loop the rest over the head

The nice thing about my silver chains is that they can be pretty subtle against light colours, so it won’t be too in your face if I don’t want it to be. Oooh – that would be sexy under a blazer worn runway style i.e. with nothing underneath.

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