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Project: Decorated shoe bottoms!
August 14, 2011

This is a repost of my shoe bottoms project from last year – Obsessive + Picky = Gorgeous Shoe Bottoms! – in honour of my current shoe projects.

I love adding visual interest to shoe bottoms. It’s this blank slate that usually is pretty bland and sometimes even kind of ugly – why not turn it into a proper accessory? I used to love the Louboutin red bottoms, but now I’ve begun to feel like having them is about the same as having a logo emblazoned across your chest. That probably isn’t going to stop me from wearing mine – since the shoe itself is totally awesome, but I’m probably not going to buy more of them either (the Princess sighs with relief).

Gimp covered shoe bottoms

Gimp Shoe Bottoms

I love these shoe bottoms, unfortunately the actual shoe doesn’t really fit well. The elastic slingback stretched out somehow and now the shoes are too big – so I’ve never actually worn them out of the house. I’ll have to figure out a way to shorten the slingback.

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