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After Happily Ever (3)
February 10, 2013

Illandra glanced around her cozy quarters, the garden facing room in the home of the village hag. She paid only 20 black pieces each month, the unfurnished price for the furnished space, on the agreement that she refrain from ever looking directly at any of the hag’s three facial warts.

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After Happily Ever (2)
February 9, 2013

“What say you, Bin Bin?” She asked her companion, as she swept Gengrassen’s payment into her finely made metal lock box. It was her most treasured possession, one of the few family heirlooms to survive the tragic fire that left her an orphan so many years ago. “Can you live without your unicorn tail flies? No? And if I told you they were actually collected buzzing around the tails of Farmer Winstock’s draft oxen?”

“Ribbit!” Bin Bin replied.

“Just as I suspected.”

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After Happily Ever (1)
February 8, 2013

Illandra squinted at the 8 black pieces and groaned. She would normally never perform the final counterfeit check but word in the village was that Gengrassen was spending his nights cutting ogre dung through his coins, the weight remained the same but the metal would crumble within 3 moons. There was only one sure way to know, and she couldn’t afford to be caught unawares. With a deep breath she leaned forward and stuck out her tongue. And again. And again.

“Oh thank the heavens,” she cried with glee. She would allow another sweeper to pilfer her contract with the cobbler, licking for counterfeit was not worth the 8 extra pieces of black each month. She would find a way to make do without it: cut back on the turnips, buy some hens instead of the goat she wanted, because one day she would indeed be the recipient of one of Gengrassen’s altered coins.

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After Happily Ever – will start tomorrow!
February 7, 2013

As far as I can tell, it’s generally considered to be something of a social faux pas to go to he bathroom while talking on the phone. And if you’re going to engaged in such behaviour one must be sure to either do so without detection, or inform the other party of the situation. So, as a warning to those who are squeamish about such things, I must state that I am presently in the bathroom having my morning poop, and intend to write all subsequent After Happily Ever updates from a similar position.

I’m intending After Happily Ever to act as a fun creative warmup exercise, to replace email as the thing I do first in the morning. It’ll be written and posted without much editing so I’ll do my best to keep it as cohesive a story as possible. I think it’ll wind up a very long short, or a just barely novella, but we’ll see.

Time to flush.

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