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Project:July 8th 2011
Candy + shoes = awesome!
July 8, 2011

Yea! Once I had the right glue, these were super easy to put together. I used contact cement (after failing miserably with Modge Podge) and applied the glue in thick globs, dividing the shoe into 4 parts: toe, heel, instep, and – er – outstep? Then pressed the glue covered area into a large tupperware filled with nonpareils. I used red licorice ropes to line the shoe and glued a sort of bow on the top.

Let it dry, spray with sealant, and tada! Candy shoes!

I know I took more progress images but I can’t find them anywhere. I can be trigger happy with the delete button.

Nonpareil shoes in progress

Non parareil shoes complete!

Nonpareil shoes in action

A few sprinkles have escaped, but not many. Really, the licorice bow is the most fragile part of the shoe.

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